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New Hip Hop Class with Donya Ramak

New Dance Teacher, Donya Ramak made our day as she spilled the beans about her Hip Hop class!

This new class consists of an introduction to urban dance techniques for beginners that are keen to understand the basics of Hip Hop culture. 

We will be starting the term by teaching a variety of urban dance styles, rotating styles every 2-3 weeks. The first style will be Hip Hop, followed by House, followed by Popping, Locking and Waacking. 

Each individual class will teach a handful of fundamentals of the style followed by a creative routine, then a short introduction to learning to develop your own unique stylistic qualities. 

Donya has said that any new dancers will not need to worry as no experience is required, and all abilities can come along.

If you'd like to come along, please wear something that will flow with your movements, and trainers that support your ankles and arches of your feet. 

We're excited to #livelifedance and get popping!

New Hip Hop dance classes at Gateway Studio Project!

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